Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

In current scenario with prices of all commodities rising at jet dynamic speed it has become difficult for a layman to look after his basic needs, and in that situation if someone in his family suffers from any severe health problem or disease the situation becomes worst for him. Because he has not only look to after the health of his beloved one on the other side he has to satisfy basic needs of other family members also. But as today’s generation is unaware about traditional methods of treatments everyone is compelled to pay huge portion of his earning on treatment of his illness. Whereas on the contrary treatment of all health problems is hidden in ancient methods of treatments, but because now all those methods have become obsolete or say people are unaware about those methods of treatment they do not have any option except of investing huge money on treatment of various health problems.

Unani Medical College Hospital & Research center erstwhile known as Rajputana Ayurvedic & Unani Tibbi college, Jaipur which came into existence in 1926 was constituted to encourage the ancient system of Indian medicine and to provide treatment of various health problems to layman at reasonable price. It would be interested to know that apart from serving people medical treatment at an affordable price the group also encourages young medical enthusiast about conventional methods of therapy including both surgical and medicines through Unani process. Along with knowledge of Unani medicines these young enthusiasts are also taught latest methods of treatments which they can use wherever it is felt necessary during the course of their treatment.

Our Vision

“To strengthen roots of Unani medical system and benefit people by offering treatment of various incurable diseases at an affordable price” .